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Khun Kloy opens a coffee shop around the office. Breast cancer Phase 3 has been detected. Once I heard the news, I went to visit and recommend Maqui Plus in the morning, 50 ml in the daytime, 50 ml in the evening, 50 ml in the morning after the first dose of chemo. Khun Kloy said that he was not tired. Fast recovery and no side effects. Drink Maqui Plus continuously since last July last week. The doctor arranged to give the chemotherapy needle No. 2 and check the tumor before that had detected that it spread in the right chest. Meaning that if chemotherapy does not improve then breast milk must be cut off The results showed that There is no lump in the chest. Which is considered very good news Because it may not be necessary to cut the breast. The important thing is that the hair that has fallen has started to come up. After this, while having to complete the chemo. Khun Kloy intends to drink Maqui Plus for ongoing health care. In order to have the energy to work to make money. As always, every day For my feelings, I'm happy and happy with this news. . Because we have introduced good things Has helped people we know have better health. From diseases that no one wishes Thank you for Unilever's company that cares. And produces quality products like Maqui Plus to take care of the health of Thai people. Thank you.
Cr.Khun Tuk
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