Diabetes (Khun Pirom)
Liver (Khun Pat )
Allergy,Menstruation,Migraine (Khun Ploy)
Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Intira)
Blood Pressure,General Health Pains (๋Khun Yuean Kaewlamhad)
Cancer (Khun Am Anchalee Suwan )
Allergy (Mr.Sun)
General Health Pains (Aunt Lan & grandmother How)
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Today I am very happy. I had the opportunity to visit the elder who had breast cancer and do chemotherapy. Both of them drank Maqui Plus to take care of their health and fight the treatment. To recover from cancer. Miss Lidia has 8 times of chemo. He feels that his body is very bad. Therefore want to take care of health to come back strong again. Study for many ways And many products But did not dare to eat. Until I met Maqui Plus to study until I was sure. Start drinking 100 ml per day. Less than 1 month, Miss Lidia was impressed with the results clearly. After that he learned that Mrs.Charan detected breast cancer as well, therefore recommending Mrs.Charan to drink Maqui Plus immediately. When Mrs.Charan had undergone surgery, she started drinking Maqui Plus. According to Miss Lidia's advice, the body was healthy. Very fast recovery And the blood value is very good Soon the doctor was able to make chemo appointment. Usually after chemotherapy, the body is very bad, tired, can't eat anything. But Mrs.Charan Maqui Plus to take care of blood and liver, refreshing the body, eating fast
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