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Fatty liver (Khun Kamphol)
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Pregnancy (Khun Yim)
Immune System (Khun May)
Liver (Khun Yossaral Sriphongjira)
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Grandma. Aged 70 years old, had cancer in the uterus. Relying on surgery during September 2015, we decided to let Grandma eat it. After the wound began to come back home, he continued to treat chemo every month. The doctor told me to do chemo before 6 months. If the last time the infection did not spread, the doctor stopped chemotherapy. Periodic blood tests Do you believe that Each chemo must have a blood test. Check everything before making chemo every time. The doctor said the name of the grandmother. Good cheer. Can you use my grandmother to improve all the time after this surgery? The doctor appreciated every time. Platelets are very good. The last time was the 6th time. Grandma called to tell us that the doctor said no need to continue chemotherapy. Grandma does not have cancer. Next time just check the platelets, check the length is enough. Grandma can't believe that healed from this terrible disease. We almost didn't want to believe that day until we couldn't say it. But it is true that it really happened to us. Good things like this. Let us tell you how Maqui Plus is good. Clean blood, strong liver. And can not live without Must appreciate good advice. From Khun Thidarat Chootong so much that I recommend something good. To be an outstanding mother. Thank you very much.
Cr. Khun Nun
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