Fatty liver (Khun Jo)
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Thyroid (Khun Mus )
Skin (Khun Jintana)
Diabetes (Prof. Pongsri Keukul)
General Health Pains (Khun Fai)
Menstruation,Sleep (Khun Wiparat Intaraksa)
Allergy (Master Nai)
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6 years ago, the father had to go to the hospital for surgery to remove the lump from the abdomen. The results showed that the lump was a cancer of gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor - GIST.  As the doctor explained This disease is treated with surgery to remove the lump. And taking medication to prevent the formation of new lumps Mr. Off knows that Unilever Network has Maqui Plus fruit juice, which has a distinctive feature of nourishing the liver. Mr. Off therefore bought himself to drink for 1 month. When he saw that the general health of Mr.Off improved.  Mr. Off began to see the opportunity to have his father nourish the body. Because I believe that if my father's liver is stronger The father's body will respond better to drugs. And it is as Mr.Off really expected. The father's red blood cells gradually increased. . Overall health is good. A small lump in the liver begins to scare down. Mr. Off believes that Mr.Off himself is good. Good cheer and good food. All have an effect on each other until making this father better What Mr.Off Not sure it's good. Mr.Off would not dare to advise parents and relatives to try. Another personal experience. Maqui Plus is not a medicine. But makes the body stronger against the disease.
Cr. Mr.Off
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