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• 6 years ago was hospitalized for surgery to remove the tumor from the abdomen. The diagnosis was that the lump was cancerous tissue in the gastrointestinal tract. (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor - GIST) called gists as the doctor explained. The disease is treated with surgery to remove the tumor and drugs to prevent new tumors.
• father underwent surgery several times to remove the lump stuck out. But small nodules in the liver, the doctor and taking medicine to assess the size of the tumor.
• The drug's name is Martina and I have eaten Nibley (Imatinib) is a side effect, the number of red blood cells decreased. Father of hemoglobin is less than normal. I have anemia
• The object that Unilever Network juice Maqui Plus. Which is dominated by the liver. Object, so try to drink one month before I see results that improve the general health of the object. Object began to see an opportunity to get to his body. I believe that if my liver cells. The body's response to drugs can be improved.
• It is expected that by the object. The blood of his father gradually increased. Overall health is good Brick Township, liver began to atrophy. Object of a belief that good medicine, good cheer and good food. All contribute to make each other better father now.
• This is the beginning that a decision to do business with Unilever Network here. The object is also believed to have many people who are suffering with the disease. Recommend the experience that our family received from Maqui Plus. The object is accidentally made nearly a year ago. And this practice will continue. Hope to have a man to help fight illnesses like his father.
• For those who have concluded that Maqui Plus is expensive compared to other brands of supplements. I learn this? Object believed in the quality and standards of the Unilever network. Believe in the results of clinical trials research Maqui Plus continuously since launch nearly two years ago. Not sure what the object really good. Object would not dare suggest that parents and relatives to try it as an investment than paying for health care to treat it. A simple example: Drug father to eat pellets 1,000 baht a day to eat four pills every day ... every day ... I said that five years ago, I do not see that I try to calculate how many baht nett.
# Personal experiences # Maqui Plus is not a cure, but the body has the strength to fight the disease better.
Cr. Khun Oof
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