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Good news of the family. I took your father to the annual health check. At the Developmental Center The overall health check is good. Prostate cancer is higher than normal. The normal value must not exceed 4, but the results of your father is 5.8. At first I wanted my father to drink Maqui Plus but he did not believe that Maqui Plus would help until he had to make new dentures. Can not eat regular food I am afraid of the lack of nutrients. So let's try to drink one morning, one morning, one morning and one morning for 1 month. But this time to change to Siriraj Hospital, all good. And the PSA fell from 5.8 to 4.5, almost to normal. The best products of Duo Maqui Plus and Life Sential help restore father's health and happiness again. Now your dad is starting to eat. Men's M-EX for stronger body.
CR: Surachet Sripiyanon
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