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Liver (Khun Kwan)
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Good news from Khun Tik for almost 3 years. That I have to worry about breast tumors that do not know to leave the head or tails. 3 left side, 1 right side The largest size 2 cm Feeling to see clearly, have to wait for the Follow up every 6 months. Today, the last check is the same size and smaller. The doctor informed that the tumor looks good as it was and has been smaller for more than 2 years. Deemed appropriate to stop following Regular annual check once a year is enough. I am not going to advertise for sale. But because he knew that he was like this Afraid of breast cancer. Work and know the strong research of Unilever. Know that these 2 products Take care of this directly Honestly say that you always eat. Morning 50 ml evening 50 ml. Don't regret the money. Because knowing that our body, our life cannot be evaluated. But afraid of having breast cancer Today is very happy.
27 April 2015 Police Hospital.
Cr. Khun Tik
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