Migraine,Acid reflux (Khun Pla)
Sleep (Khun Manoch Kongpriphan)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Wilai Wanpravet)
Cancer (Khun Polla Porvarisa)
Allergy (Khun Amornrat Phattaraphaisarn )
Kidney,Diabetes (Khun Nueng)
Blood problems,Gout (Khun Kib)
Diabetes (Khun Tidarut Pimem)
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Miss Wilaiporn is 37 years old. My sister. Detected lymphoma in the groin area. In May 2013, the doctor informed that Phase 2. Treatment is performed by removing the tumor 1 round, but cannot completely dissect. Because the other lump is near the veins. Continue treatment with 4 times of chemotherapy and 28 light rays. The infection has not spread. The body can still be controlled. Cancer treatment period The doctor reported that complications of hepatitis B were found. The doctor gave him 3 months of antiviral medication and improved liver function. The doctor therefore stopped the drug. And regular monitoring But when he stopped for 3 months, the liver was worse. The doctor then dispensed the liver again. But now the medicine is no longer available, the doctor will give you more cirrhosis. But will affect the kidneys Because the drug is very strong My sister decided to drink Maqui Plus with a liver drug to drink it for 3 months. The liver value is in the doctor's satisfaction. Improved blood values Do not add doses to liver treatment. Thank you Maqui Plus.
Cr. Thanapoom
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