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 Cancer  Liver
Very grateful With a good story that I want to tell To cheer To many people # Sure, then share Rua # Liver cancer #Personal experience "Almost a year ago Who have known the two brothers Pi, Chirp and Elder Sword Stars and trees follow Liver cancer treatment Of the elder sword Since the beginning of treatment And have the opportunity to introduce Maqui Plus to the Elder Sword drinking health care Coupled with medical treatment 17 Apr 62 with the fourth dose of chemotherapy for the first time after receiving the drug and recover quickly Look at the chill, sleep, and enjoy the pork. 19 Apr 2019 Listen to the effect of cancer. There are some leftovers, good liver, other good results. The doctor plans for the next time chemo. After listening to the results, drive back to Korat comfortably. Seeing both of them are happier and healthier. From the first time we got to know each other, we were more happy to have the opportunity. Have suggested to tell Take care of your health with Maqui Plus. "Credit: Pi Jai & Pi-Sword Thing
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