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  Health Case:
 Blood sugar  Cholesterol, High Fat
The experience of mother, Khun Thiphawan, who took IG Berry after every meal for 2 months.
Diabetic sugar reduced from 130 to 104
Sugar accumulated from 6.5 to 5.9, really awesome.
That means your doctor may lower your diabetes medication. which those drugs affect the mother's kidneys Each time, the mother's kidneys must be measured. Now the mother's kidney is still OK. I don't want the mother to have to take medicine for a long time until the kidney is deteriorating. If the doctor reduces the drug. or do not need medication anymore Mother's kidneys will not deteriorate. In the future, like many old people
save mom's kidney now Better than letting the mother's kidneys deteriorate from diabetes medication.
Our choice. We choose IG Berry. Diabetes can be controlled. Fat is reduced. Kidney is not deteriorated. The best IG Berry.
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*Results vary from person to person.
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