Allergy (Master Kan)
Paralysis (Khun Rai)
Blood problems,Fatty liver,Triglyceride (Khun Sharif)
Liver (Khun Mayuree Patamapadsakul (Kaek))
Liver (Khun Paea)
General Health Pains,Menstruation (Khun Jaew)
Menstruation (Khun Prow )
Pregnancy (Khun Oh)
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  Health Case:
 Cholesterol, High Fat  Gout
I am 52 years old and have insomnia for many years. I have to take 2 sleeping pills every night in order to sleep. When I drive I feel very exhausted and drained out. After I drank two bottles of Maqui Plus+, my diabetes high at 162 has dropped to 140. Also my high blood pressure becomes normal. When I drive, I am not exhausted as before. But the most impressive thing I can now sleep without eating sleeping pills any more. Thank you Maqui Plus!
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