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 Cholesterol, High Fat  Diabetes
#Lower blood sugar #Less fat # Elderly family

I'm so glad to bring my mother-in-law to the middle hospital this morning 20/08/2020
Take your mother-in-law Who fell down the stairs 2 years ago, his arm broke, his head broke
Blood in the brain must suck out blood.
Since then, the drug has increased in diabetes. Fat pressure
Dissolves multiple blood clots # Folic acid (anemia)
# Reduce stomach acid
Over the past 2 years, there have been many incidents involving bringing in the mother-in-law. Several times more hospital.
We are confident in reducing the deterioration. Waiting for the doctor to reduce the drug Because I was worried about
Liver and kidney, I wish my husband Provide supplementary food for mother-in-law
To prevent deterioration, reduce sugar, reduce fat as well.
#RoxburghiiPlus and #IG Berry
Today the doctor informed me that triglycerides were reduced a lot.
Therefore reducing drugs to dissolve blood clots, followed by reducing drugs to reduce stomach acid
This stomach acid reducer must be taken with a blood clot-dissolving drug.
The doctor said that getting in contact for a long time will #Alzheimer's
And doctors reduce #folic acid because the blood is not anemia The blood effect is very good.
Warning: The elderly collapse and their health will rapidly deteriorate. Will have problems following
Always violently in every house But our house cares about 360 degrees to deteriorate like this, right?
Thank you #Unilever Life In addition to having a good product Suitable for our family and friends. #Unilever Life It also teaches us to pay attention to people, listen, understand, and be grateful to everyone.

#Cut sweet, cut it for life

Dietary supplements do not have preventive and therapeutic effects. All consumers experience different results.
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