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  Health Case:
 Blood sugar  Cholesterol, High Fat
Come to increase your confidence. At first I couldn't believe that IG Berry would be this powerful and effective.
Before #IGBerry, I eat 2 meals a day. The fried foods also eat. Dessert is also eaten. But be careful not to eat too much (as in the picture before)
After eating #IGBerry, I start eating 3 meals a day, I accidentally eat 4-5 meals a night with greasy, fried foods, desserts. Eat like people enjoy eating, everything is not careful to eat at all. But followed by 2 #IGBerry envelopes every time, an average of 4-6 envelopes per day. It is the time from October to December 2020.
It is very cool. Lower blood sugar Accumulated blood sugar, reduce bad fats, reduce every body, the higher the cholesterol from the original. Now lowered the norm. Triglycerides are also reduced.
Oh, and the by-product is after eating, followed by IG Berry, it will not sleepy at all, it is so fresh and the skin works better too.
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** Dietary supplements do not have preventive and therapeutic effects. All consumers experience different results.
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