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  Health Case:
 Blood sugar  Cholesterol, High Fat
 Triglyceride  Weight control
no doubt Small but great envelope
Coffee lover, sweet addict, bakery addict like a star There should be fats in the blood that have gone too far.
because we have a helper like IG Berry
Drink 1 sachet per day, morning and evening.
#confirmed with empirical results
I saw my blood count and was very happy.
IG Berry is very helpful.
Annual health check-up blood cost has improved significantly.
Triglycerides from 172 to 76
Total cholesterol from 210 before, reduced to 165
Iced coffee and normal food
More is to drink IG Berry to reduce belly. It can also be about health.
Credits: Mayuree Putthawan, 43 years old.
#beyonde #IndianGooseberry
#healthy drink #tamarind
#Indian gooseberry

**Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating disease. Every consumer gets different results.
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