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  Health Case:
 Cholesterol, High Fat  Triglyceride
I want to say that "The properties of IG Berry remove bad fats in my blood very quickly"
I have to tell you that I went for a blood test. Even though I'm small and thin But the results of the blood test were "very shocking" because the LDL cholesterol level was very high.
The doctor said that if the next cycle in 6 months is still high, he will give you a set of pills to take. I don't want to take any medicine.
Because personally, I already take a lot of regular medicine. If you still have to take 1 more set of pills, you'll think hard.

So I arranged a box of IG Berry products to eat.
As a result, from Type 2 down to Type 1, notice from 2019 is Before and 2020 is After.

Even though I'm not yet 30 years old, my blood test came as a shock, which was a high level of bad cholesterol.
I don't want to think that without IG Berry, I would have to take a pack of pills. which I feel very sorry for myself
But luckily, there is a good helper like this. It's very easy to eat. It tastes like pureed gooseberry. It's easy to brew with hot water. Plus, the weather changes often. I get IG Berry to eat. I feel that my throat is clear with no phlegm at all.

Name Piyanan Sivanithiphat
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