Bone (Khun Kampon)
Blood problems (Khun Aew)
Cancer (Khun Kanya Rodyam)
Chocolate cysts,Menstruation (Khun Ya Satun)
Pregnancy (Khun Yingluck Srirattanasupanon)
Migraine (Khun Thanakorn Komititiphon)
Pregnancy (Khun Ket)
General Health Pains (Khun Nop)
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  Health Case:
 Acid reflux  Colon/ Intestine
 Excretory System/ Poo  Fatigue
 Intestine/Stomach  Sleep
I have health problems for over 10 years ago. I have abdominal pain that I cannot sleep at night. Also pain below the ribs on the right. Doctors performed endoscopy through my mouth through my small and large intestine. X-rays did not find the cause to my sickness for over ten years. Frequently constipated, bloated, poor digestive system and dull dark skin. Doctor prescribed me an ulcer drug, but the drug did not work.
One day I got to know a friend on Facebook who recommended Maqui Plus+ to me. I gave it a try because all the doctors could not cure me. It turned out , by the first bottle, I can have deep sleep, no abdominal pains, and my excretory system is normalized. My skin began to clear up too. Now I drink Maqui Plus+ regularly.
Even if you have no diseases, I recommend you drink it because you never know when sickness will happen to you. But I know Maqui Plus+ is good for everyone's health, really.
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