Cidp (Khun Wittaya)
Hepatitis (Khun Sao)
Cancer (Khun Aon)
Allergy (Miss Pancake & Miss Ploy)
Allergy (Khun Ying)
Blood problems,Liver (Khun Amarit)
Blood Pressure,Brain,Diabetes (Mother of 'Moo)
influenza (Khun Tom)
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  Health Case:
Good story with the best Maqui Plus juice. Do not believe, must believe I found myself in this event. Severe urinary tract infection. Can measure blood contaminated with urine more than 100. Very high and very dangerous. May have sudden kidney failure. Being punctured by another 4 large tubes (more heavily). The body has no energy, is tired and cannot eat much. Good to have Maqui Plus. Helps the body Recover quickly. Clearly refreshed Have more potency (speed up drinking Maqui Plus in the morning 50 ml before bedtime 50 ml). Really recovered quickly.
Cr. Teacher Grace
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