Myoma Uteri (Khun Saichon)
Cancer (Father Samarn )
General Health Pains (Khun Poy)
Pregnancy (Khun Aum)
Allergy (Khun Pat)
Cancer (Khun Ying)
Intestine/Stomach,Migraine,Sleep (Khun Kingdao Pimpan)
Paralysis,Cancer (Mother Boonyim)
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  Health Case:
 Diabetes  General Health Pains
My mother was a long-suffering bunion but didn't dare to tell the doctor. Because of diabetes After drinking Maqui Plus normal blood sugar levels. Consult a doctor to do the surgery immediately. Because of pain when walking for a long time. After splitting the bunion, the wound is wide and deep. Today is the 7th day after dissecting without pain and inflammation. Thanks to Beyond Maqui Plus.
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