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  Health Case:
Experience and come up with their own name Ms. female partner Siri chance 28 years old housewife now pregnant four months to detect blood sugar is higher than normal, the Taste of blood sugar in the blood up to 210 people, usually before dinner. must not exceed 95 to remove up to 100+ food must not exceed 120 gestational diabetes affect both our own and the baby in the womb. Sie the often asymptomatic, but very dangerous. From telling your doctor. Sent me into sugar diet and the hospital. People usually eat by the water, we want to be palatable and tasty. But if you ever get You will have to suffer with restricted. What not to eat The sweet taste must be rescinded The amount of food just enough food and energy to someone should get. This is a problem ... but we're not satisfied. But we wanted to eat But we loved the food we like. It's hard to control Especially in the abdomen, the patient must come K ... I was in the hospital for six days, I want to go home feeling depressed. Previously, someone had suggested Maqui Plus. But for us, we did not cope with the idea that if he lost a lot of diabetics to eat out ... I want to go home, but the point is the Liie am a bad break up, try a second bottle. Came into contact first meal eaten on 11.18.58 2 cups regular bedtime every day before breakfast, which exceeds 130 up. When you check into Quiberon Plus has 77 regular delighted to see results in just one hand. impressed Now I'm trying hard to eat until satiety mother examination 2 hour after meal after meal, usually 107 to 120 results can not exceed the normal. Now, do not eat Maqui Berry Plus it's 160 up very glad I improved a lot ... I was shocked that the doctor we went to eat something. The doctor told me to take effect today and tomorrow to pass through to go home. All meals and enjoy with me. You can check out all the work in two days, three days at home. People gave it with the same disease at the older age than women. Come ready to eat it. Do not reduce me to get back home again. Nursing is a friend told me to get back to adjust insulin to each individual ... happy and proud that we chose this product and see the results. So I want to tell I know that it suffers with diabetes, pregnant women eat very uneasy.
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