Vertigo (Khun Pla)
Kidney,Gout,Rheumatoid (พี่แต๋ม)
Allergy (Master Andriew)
Blood problems,Menstruation,Skin (Khun Umphan Kamnerdkla)
General Health Pains (Mr.Dewayne)
Diabetes (Khun Eh)
Cancer (Khun Nuch)
Pregnancy (Khun Pook)
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  Health Case:
 Diabetes  Hepatitis
My name is Panraw Pachcha is a new house Don Kha Subdistrict in Suphan Buri, when March 2018 is detected and has diabetes, high blood sugar level 180 And hepatitis B virus as well Even with a doctor Blood sugar value 13 Feb 62, remaining 153 at the end of March 62, Mr King Dao suggested To eat 1 bottle of Maqui Plus about 2 weeks before checking to eat roti And cold coffee With no control of the diet, the doctor was shocked. The blood sugar value on 10 Apr 2019 remained 93 in the normal range. Request a new appointment for diabetes, liver examination for 2 weeks. If normal blood sugar values ​​like this are not allowed to be administered, thank you Maqui Plus.
CR. King Dao Phimphan
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