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  Health Case:
High sugar 6.1
The result of eating my Indian Gooseberry

Asked the doctor not to take diabetes medication But please take care of your health.
By exercising instead, it turned out that the sugar value was still high.

After that had the opportunity to know Food supplement Unilever life's Indian Gooseberry with sweet cut properties, cut potatoes, reduce belly, have been drinking continuously for 1 month, 2 sachets per day, morning and evening.

It turned out that the sugar value was accumulated from 6.1 to 5.8 and the result was The weight was reduced to 13 kg. LDL cholesterol 136 was reduced to 126 from the doctor's appointment every 6 months.

I am very happy Because you no longer need to take diabetes medication
Thanks to good products Indian Gooseberry makes you healthier.

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