Blood Pressure,Gout (Khun Aoy)
Myoma Uteri (Khun Ple)
Diabetes (Khun Mon Namhard )
Liver (Khun Took)
Bone,Fatigue,Migraine (Mrs. Mimi Rauf)
Cancer (Khun Kong)
Tuberculosis (Khun Pradit Pinkaew)
General Health Pains (Khun Ploy)
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  Health Case:
 Excretory System/ Poo
Eve Mom, you ordered a quick Maqui Plus 1 pair, said that it helps to drain very well in. It is difficult to take just a few bottles of Maqui plus a 2-day trial of excretion, good to say that his good. Really, there are people who have problems hard to recommend it. In addition to help drain. Berry also helps with skin care, clear the bowels, good digestion good skin care. Do not try it.
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