Chocolate cysts,Menstruation (Khun Ya Satun)
Brain (Khun Yim)
Cancer (Khun Oof)
Blood problems,Asthma (Khun Kampon )
Cancer,Thyroid (Khun Noi)
Migraine,Sleep (Khun Nil)
Allergy (Khun Urasna)
Locking fingers (Khun Phin Sawangnok )
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  Health Case:
 Eye Problems
I work on design, drawing, projections, construction supervision Type of building in the agency. Many years ago found that I began to have eye problems. Because when writing books Sign the document in front. Then look far Must stop to adjust eyesight Because of the symptoms Until adjusting the focus Until I tried to drink the product Maqui Plus. Impressed from the first bottle. Found that eyesight began to improve Drank 2 bottles. It appears that the eyes have become dimmer. Nowadays, no glasses are needed. Life has improved a lot. Thank you Maqui Plus.
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