Bone,Eye Problems (Khun Jeabsi)
Heart,Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Khun khongking)
Cancer (Khun Wiranpath Sathitjirathakul)
Cancer (Khun Chanporn)
Cancer (Khun Kampon)
Heart,Liver (Khun Ban)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Eye Problems,Fatty liver,Sleep (Grandmapoon Dekthonglang)
Heart,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Migraine,Gout (Khun Pitak Samnieng)
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  Health Case:
 Fatigue  Migraine
I am very happy to be healthy. After drinking Maqui Plus supplements. Boy friends introduced diet products so I decided to buy. To buy good health for themselves. Because before that feel. Health itself is very bad. Because of lack of exercise time. And drink beer on a regular basis. Ever have insomnia Lung back Migraine occurs frequently. Just sit up for a long time and get up, very dangerous, almost falling in the bathroom. Well, but keep yourself up. Have had a heart beat that can be recognized. So I was afraid of heart disease or not. Health is not good, then it can not work to make money. Mutual funds collected to cover the whole life to spend on medicine, medical expenses. I do not have enough money. I've had a lot of drinking and drinking with my friends. It is a pity to buy good health care to resist the disease.
# Eating food is better medicine than taking medicine. Now the symptoms that I used to feel. This symptom does not happen again. Share information offline. We are good for health. Do not pretend to sell. This money I do not want. But we want to improve our health. Have to try it yourself, how good, then share it. I drink this regularly. Thank you boyfriend for suggesting something good to give. I have a drink to drink a bottle and then ordered to increase health will have to work together for a long time without illness. Thank you for your help.
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