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  Health Case:
 Cholesterol, High Fat  Fatigue
I have high cholesterol. as a young person i just indulge in any kinds of food. I did not realize that this will affect my health. I usually feel dizzy, fatigue and exhausted all the time. I had my chance when they was a before-and-after-test to try out Beyonde Maqui Plus+. I took the medical examination first and drink Maqui Plus+ that week. Then I re-test again.

After 5 days on maqui Plus+ I feel so fresh. I slept very well too. My test results before and after are:

# Cholesterol at 272 has dropped to---> 236 (<=200 is the normal range).
# Bad cholesterol (LDL) at 178 has dropped to---> 151 (<=30 is the normal range).

Now I understand the causes of fatigue is my "Blood is not clean", and a young person like I have cholesterol. If given the choice between eat medicine/drugs to lower cholesterol or lower cholesterol with Maqui Plus+, I will choose Maqui Plus+ of course to reduce #LDL and to clean my liver.
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