Arthritis (Khun Piyada Kongkaew)
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Bone (Khun Sudjai Bpiasupong)
Blood Pressure,Bone,Diabetes,Fatigue,Gout (Mother Somporn)
Allergy (Khun Praphassara)
Skin (Khun Tu)
Allergy,Sinus (Khun Gail)
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  Health Case:
 Fatty liver
Khun Panus Kuansataporn, 65 years old, a businessman with 8-digit income. And professional rally racer at the forefront. Of the industry, working hard, resting, less stressful, insomnia, tired easily, face is dark black With increasing weight. Causing fat to contain cholesterol Liver fat is very high. . Good health care Have a regular health check. April 12, 2017. Khun Phanat enters the Autoship Program Maqui Plus 2 boxes. LifeSential 1 set (3 boxes). Khun Panus drinks Maqui Plus 50 ml each time, morning, lunch, evening and LifeSential at a time. 1 morning in the evening. Continuing with discipline. May 12, 2017. Doctor St. Louis Hospital Health examination appointment, the result is only 1 month from the liver fee 103, remaining 70 weight down 3 kg. At present, eat together the whole family. Thank you Unilever Network. That has produced good quality products for my family. Maqui Plus is like gold. Love Maqui Plus very much.
Cr. Khun Panus Kuansataporn
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