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 Fatty liver
My friend's mother. Before drinking Maqui Plus has the right stomach pain, indigestion, weight loss, pale yellow, dull skin like burning. And excretion is not normal (once a week). Therefore went to the hospital The doctor said it was a fatty liver. The second examination has a blister on the stomach and has a blemish. It makes it more stressful and insomnia. The daughter decided to buy Maqui Plus to eat 1 pair in the morning, 25 ml in the evening, 25 ml after drinking 25 ml. Have about 3 excretion symptoms in large quantities and very bad smell. But without fatigue Sleep well, don't wake up in the middle of the night. And when waking up feeling refreshed, there is no work force, fatigue After eating almost all the bottles at 2. My mother saw the black flakes. Out of the skin, bright facial skin, not pale, yellow and stomach is not sluggish. Normal driving every day Not once a week as before. After eating for 1 month, now start to eat in the second month. Thank you Maqui Plus
Cr. Khun Premruthai Crawong
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