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Allergy (Khun Kanokwan Jongpan)
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  Health Case:
 Fatty liver
Khun Tassanee Nigob. Today, there are good stories that happen near you. Come to share About three months ago. My aunt Have the opportunity to go to check the health Because I can feel myself and the people around me say that the skin looks yellow. When going back to find myself Is a fatty liver, feeling stressed and very anxious. I therefore recommend trying Maqui Plus along with the treatment. In the beginning, Aunt didn't believe it. Will be a little bit anti-virus because I don't like to eat about dietary supplements. But with my own confidence in the product. And would like the family healthy Therefore asked Aunt to take the morning 50 ml in the evening 50 ml. In contact until about 2 and a half months. The doctor congratulated. Told my aunt that no fat was detected in the liver. It is a very pleasant thing. Aunt now believes completely in heart. Maqui Plus is really good.
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