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  Health Case:
 Fatty liver  Liver
 Skin  Sleep
I drink a lot of during school days. I will also smoke one to two packs of cigarettes a day. As a student I did not feel anything until 4-5 years ago, my health starts to have problems. I found that I have liver inflammation. and thyroid problems. Doctor suggest to solve my thyroid first and then take care of liver later.
After my thyroid was cured, I did not return to the doctor.
Then work was heavy and I had little sleep. This caused my eyes to be yellow and my skin became shabby. When Maqui Plus was launched in Malaysia, I tried drinking for three months - six bottles. Then I went for my health check. My blood levels and liver were good. My cholestorol problem is normal and I can sleep very well. Maqui Plus changed my health.
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