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I'm a mother of two. I have a child when I'm older.
The body's systems are starting to change, but they are deteriorating and not being created.
The child is still small now. Almost no time to breathe???????????? exercise
not to mention
Originally before giving birth, hip 40, after giving birth, came as far as 42
The staple food is children's leftovers. but after Got a good helper like #Igberry #Mex #Omega3 to help adjust nutrition.
Eat 3 regular meals, just adjust your nutrition according to the instructions.
Then take #Igberry after breakfast-dinner, followed by vitamins and good fats.
That the body can't build. It's good for ❤️ Hips from 42 to only 38
Tears will flow. Wearing standard size clothes. Weight from 62 to 54, lost 8 kg.
Still got another one: good vascular condition from people with degenerative conditions and at risk
It is normal as well.
#beyonde #IndianGooseberry #Indian gooseberry
#healthy drinks
#lose fat #reduce belly #prevent diabetes #health care
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