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#Losing fat requires a lot of exercise, right??
The answer is that... it's not true.
Many people ask...
If you want to be slim, what should you do?
But there is always... a sentence that always hangs at the end
...I don't like exercising.
It really is....
Exercise doesn't make you slim.
If we don't choose the right food form
and don't know the amount of food you eat each day
that we have heard that want to lose weight
have to go to the gym
✅ Correct (but not all)
Think about it for fun????
If we think that exercise makes you slim.
Eat 1 cup of bubble tea ~ 300-500 cal.
How much should we run or exercise?????
If running 1 km uses ~50 cal.
Eating affects obesity by 80%.
The other 20% is exercise.
Exercising is a good thing and should be done.
because it helps the body to be strong
and low quota in our stored energy storage tanks
But exercise alone
It doesn't help you lose much weight.
It is true that the energy consumed must be less than the energy used.
and will make us thinner but withered thin with a slim fit form Which one do you choose?
Eat less, exercise more. Be careful. Why do you lose weight? If you eat less than the energy your body needs. Most of what's missing is muscle, not fat.
The result is metabolic system failure body burns less When do you eat a lot? come back fat right away fatter than before
If we adjust the eating right first
will reduce fat Lose fat in a sustainable way
Especially if we choose to eat + exercise as well.
This is on the right track. Strong and able to reduce quickly.
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*Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating diseases. Every consumer gets different results.
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