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believe that many people Are you worried about your body shape? I'm another person. The body after giving birth is very broken. The body is broken. The belly is big. Big thighs and forearms. My baby is one year old and people say I'm pregnant.

Try several methods, such as skipping dinner or cutting back on starch.
Do bodyweight exercises at home without any knowledge. Keep doing it continuously. If you are tired, stop doing it. I believe moms They're all like this, right?

#First picture, weight 56 ​​kg, waist 29 " (the fattest in my life)

#Picture 2 weight 54.5 kg, waist 26.5 "(about 4 months away from the first picture, I started exercising but I didn't continue, I didn't have discipline, I didn't diet seriously. And then dragged it for a long time. Because I think it can be reduced to this extent. And I'm too lazy to exercise.

#Picture 3 is the latest. Taken on 5 Nov. 63
I really started doing it on 12 Oct. 63 until 5 Nov. 63 The result is very clear. .
Weight decreased from 54.5 kg to 50.5 kg
Waist from 26.5 "to 24" (I like it here ☺️☺️)
*** Most importantly, healthy, beautiful skin, look younger.

what I behave
During 4 weeks seriously.
1. Enter the #SixweekNL program, start doing IF 18/6
2. Controlling food Have serious food planning In order not to fall off about eating too much focus on protein Eat more vegetables at each meal. Use the 50:40:10 formula (vegetables 50 protein 40 carbs 10).
More discipline in exercising Exercise 3-4 days a week.
4. Drink 2-3 liters of water/day
5. Get enough rest
6. Avoid sweets, oily, fried food (this is very difficult), so you need a helper >> #Beyond Indian Goodsberry 1 sachet after breakfast And after every meal #cut sweet #cut it #reduce belly #to life
7. Goals must be clear and have passion.
I'm rooting for you all. get up and change yourself For better health ✌.
- Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating diseases. Every consumer gets different results.
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