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Yolaphat Patcharamaithirathana
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Over the past 5-6 years, I never thought that my weight could be reduced. Become a person who is afraid to weigh the weight. .

After drinking Indian gooseberry extract powder 2 sachets daily after breakfast and dinner for only 1 month. So I'm convinced that it might really work. Because in the past I lived a very normal life. Eat as usual, sweets, fried food, pizza, fried chicken... and don't exercise at all. .

So I drank 2 sachets every day. Now it's been 3 months. I have lost 5 kg. Waist circumference has decreased by 3 inches even though I haven't exercised at all. eat everything you want Have some control over the amount of food. I feel my metabolism improves. Where are you walking now? There are people who say that they are thinner. and a slim, bright face as well. Can't wear old pants I had to buy a new pair of pants, so I'm very happy.

Igberry is a very good helper. You don't have to control your diet until you're stressed. don't have to eat clean No need to count calories . Because before, I had a lot of weight. So I don't want to exercise at all.

Now there are people asking to buy more because they want to be slim. It is recommended to drink 2 sachets a day, diet, he drank less than a month and lost 2 kg. So I'm more confident that it will definitely help you lose weight. I'm very impressed.

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