Thyroid (Khun Nopkorn Limsrisawan)
Blood Pressure,Cholesterol, High Fat (๊Uncle Pin )
Allergy (Miss Noodee)
Paralysis,Blood Pressure,Brain,Diabetes,Hemorrhoids,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Kaew and Khun Gik)
Blood problems (Khun Aof)
Allergy,Menstruation,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Ang)
Kidney,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Joy)
Diabetes (Mr.Hennig (Denmark))
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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains
Based on the true experience of Sister Kung's father. Sister Kung's father has a numb fingertip. Cannot pick items for daily use. Such as chopsticks, can not stick together. Slowly raise the spoon to eat Normally, people do things fluently. After Kung introduced Maqui Plus, try drinking. Try to eat 1 bottle. Father calls to tell you that the symptoms are much better. Can pick up the chopsticks to not fall Can use everyday life much better. Just heard this. Very happy. Feel good Giving good things to those around me.
Cr. Miss Kung Arareeca Saoaon
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