Allergy,Immune System (Khun Kanokwan Boonpord)
Migraine (Khun Pla)
Cancer (ุKhun Kittiphong Kampoochantarin)
Blood Pressure (Khun Tassanee Sri-Insut)
Diabetes (Khun Eh)
Cancer,Fatty liver,Liver,Lung (Khun Yuthaiporn)
Blood problems,Fatty liver,Triglyceride (Khun Sharif)
Diabetes (Aunt Nuan)
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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains
On the day of sickness, Maqui Plus can help. Last Friday morning Feeling cork in the stomach. There is a twisting pain in the abdomen that is light, looks abnormal. And when eating during the day. Until evening, the symptoms of twisting in the stomach become stronger. Take pictures often, use the word exhausted. Get up in the middle of the night at 3 am on Saturday morning. Evaluate yourself for urgent treatment. (Missed the big event intended to go on Saturday, Sunday). The issue is in the past three years. Never see a doctor, never take medicine, never get seriously ill. This time realized the word "no disease Is the noble fortune ". Thinking in the heart of the child is still young, the wife is beautiful. On Saturday morning, walking and bending over to the drugstore with his wife. The good news is that your wife begins to have symptoms similar to me. In the beginning, make sure to find the same pathogen. Because where to go, eat together, eat more than 80% together. I was before the symptoms are stronger. We got the same drugs. Treatment according to symptoms. Antiseptic helps to reduce the symptoms of dysentery and gradually subside. Saturday night, the fever reached a raving stage. Thank you to Miss Tuk for always looking after me. I understand people who are sick, can't eat anything. Maqui Plus at home all right from Friday. Miss Maqui Plus Yakima since Friday began to be. I think if drinking it would not have reached this much. Estimated wrong. Because got the line. Leave Miss Tik and Mr. Tok to get in the car. To get to the job Miss where we didn't go Luckily at home, the gym is nearby. He knows that this condition hurries to take Maqui Plus to the crazy place. I know that when I was seriously ill, I couldn't eat anything. If he can find a doctor, the saline solution will be better. The two of us drank each half a glass first. Three, four hours, continuous drinking. I felt that the recovery. How fast is refreshing? Sunday evening, we went out to eat out. Is the most delicious meal. That is to say that the symptoms in the stomach still exist. Then disinfectant will be handled. But the refreshing energy of the fast recovery. Trusting Maqui Plus to take care of it. It's truly amazing. "Maqui Plus is very important, not sick, must drink If sick, more to drink. " Thank you for all the encouragement. Next time, F3 will definitely go.
Cr. Khun Nueng
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