Diabetes,General Health Pains (Khun Duangdao Thongpha)
Allergy,Immune System (Khun Kanokwan Boonpord)
Pregnancy,Sleep (Khun Rung)
Menstruation (Khun Nipada)
Sleep (Khun Pichyapa Khanbandit (Hong))
Diabetes (Khun Fon)
Brain,Menstruation,Migraine,Skin (Khun Chadaporn Yamkaesorn)
Blood Pressure,Bone,Diabetes,Fatigue,Gout (Mother Somporn)
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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains
Nun Nun The eyes sparkle happy. Tell them before grandmother will not be strong even sit up. To sleep alone Before the new year, the nun took the mango Plus to send grandmother to drink all the grandmother's bottle began to talk. With children Nun said to New Year's grandmother. My grandmother sat up and smiled as she was a nephew. She was very happy. Thank you very much.
Cr. Nongnun OSC
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