Eye Problems,Fatigue,Skin (แม่เทวี)
Cancer (Khun Lek)
Sleep (Khun Ya)
influenza (Miss Aungpao)
Immune System (Khun Oom)
General Health Pains,Pregnancy,Skin,Sleep (Khun Pakkachana Tangsajjatham)
Blood Pressure,Cholesterol, High Fat (๊Uncle Pin )
Gall stones,Brain (Aunt Poie)
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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains
Khun Tongphan Netsuwan, 83 years old, is in Chumphon Province. There are no diseases, but we want her mother to be strong. Stay with the children for a long time. Drink Maqui Plus for 3 months now. My mother likes it very much, saying that the body is light, refreshing. Seeing the mother is strong and bright. My children are happy.
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