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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains  Hepatitis
 Liver  Liver cirrhosis
My sister, Yupin Thepchai, introduced the Super Fruit Beyond Maqui Plus fruit juice that is selected from 12 kinds of fruits from 9 countries that help restore healthy blood, clean the liver from Personal experience, May 13, 2018. I have an annual health check. The SGOT (AST) (liver enzyme level) 40 is higher than the standard criteria (10-37).
SGPT (ALT) (liver enzyme level) 37 is on the high side of the standard (9-43). I drink 2 morning maqui, 2 cold chocolates, continuous 3 months and 5 August 2018. Check the liver value again as the doctor appointment drops the liver.
SGOT (AST) value (liver enzyme level) 40 reduced to 24 within the standard criteria (10-37)
SGPT (ALT) (liver enzyme level) 37 reduced to 29 within the standard (9-43)
Thank you to Yupin, Maqui Plus and Unilever who have researched and able to produce Maqui Plus to help improve health.
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