Cancer (Khun Jongjai Budrach)
Allergy,General Health Pains (Khun Kanokwan Jongpan)
General Health Pains (Master Winner)
Heart,Liver (Khun Ban)
Fatigue,Skin,Sleep,Thyroid (Khun kanjana juntakan)
Arthritis,General Health Pains,Gout (Khun Aoy)
General Health Pains (Sister Ann / Mother Kwan)
Bone (Teacher Toey)
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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains  Sleep
Miss Sarisa Fren (Jakki), 33 years old. Professional director of a private company. With the job function, Jakki must work 12 hours every day. Have to use thinking all the time. And still have another private business to take care of. Makes a lot of brain use And not enough rest Therefore have frequent headaches. Sometimes sleeps a headache to the point of tearing itself. When Unilever launched the Maqui Plus product. Miss Jakki drank the morning 50 ml in the evening 50 ml. After drinking only 2 days now, there is no headache. Makes work allocation better, conscious. No fatigue during the day. And sleep well Makes waking up very easy. Plus the weight of Miss Jakki reduced by 1.5 kilograms. After 5 days of Maqui Plus drinking
Thank you for the Maqui Plus product.
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