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Cr. Khun Phatsaliya (@rainbowGenYIT????)
#study hard #work hard #accumulated stress
#eat a lot
#low immunity #personal experience

Please do not want to starve. But let's take care of your health by exercising instead. It turns out that the weight is still high at 52 kg. #Last stage plump

After that I had the opportunity to get to know the product.
Indian gooseberry supplement #IGberry #Indian gooseberry concentrate of #Unilever #Unileverlife qualified #Cut sweet, cut it for life #good shape healthy Have been eating continuously for 2 weeks, 2 sachets per day, morning-evening.

it turns out
Weight from 52 kg. to 44 kg. and
As a result, the waist circumference was reduced from 25-26 inches to 22-23 inches with immunity. And the allergic rash that was like on the face, neck and body all disappeared. From the thought that only the weight of the body and the rash forever

I'm so glad because you don't have to starve Or do I have to do #skintest #take allergy medicine like before?

Thank you. Good product. Good. IG Berry makes it healthier.
#Beyond#IG Berry
#Cut sweet, cut it for life
# adjust the desired proportions #Healthier with IG Berry

**Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating disease. Every consumer gets different results.
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