Cancer (Khun Metta)
Pregnancy (Khun Pla)
Blood problems,Diabetes (Khun Samran, Khun Ple)
Migraine (Khun Netnapha Sowat )
Cancer (Khun Maysa Turee)
Bone,Brain,Eye Problems (Khun Ball)
Cancer (Khun Rapatsa Supanamwong)
Menstruation (Khun Ja)
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  Health Case:
 Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
The weather changes often. Rain will come with many diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease as well. Epidemic in children. Symptoms include ulcers in the mouth, tongue, fever, mucus. Fatigue, loss of appetite, unable to eat. Ms. Prim, age 3 years old. Hand, foot and mouth disease can be taken for 3 days. Take Maqui Plus to drink morning, noon, evening, 20 ml each time along with the treatment of the doctor. Make her refreshed and recover faster than other children.
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