Myasthenia Gravis ( Khun Noonoi )
Arthritis (Khun Piyada Kongkaew)
Paralysis,Blood Pressure,Brain,Diabetes,Hemorrhoids,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Kaew and Khun Gik)
Paralysis,Bone,General Health Pains,Immune System (Ms. Li Cia)
General Health Pains (Master Type)
Skin (Aunt Ket)
General Health Pains (Khun Teoy)
General Health Pains (Col. Pasin Aimrod)
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  Health Case:
 Arthritis  Blood Pressure
 Cardiovascular  Gout
#High pressure #Gout
#Knee pain, enlarged prostate
# Irregular heart beat

Khun Jakkrit has 5 common diseases, high blood pressure. Consume medicine continuously for more than 20 years, gout disease, knee pain, knees, gobgap, gland, blue betel glands and irregular heartbeat, taking more than 9000 baht per month 3.

After drinking Maqui Plus, Roxburghii Plus, Life Sential, Collagen Matrix, Omeg 3 Plus healthier .. The symptoms returned to normal. In the end, the doctor said The pressure is not high already. No need to take medicine I'm so glad.

Thank you Unilever and Dr. Chaleporn for introducing good products. It makes me feel healthy again.

# Personal experience
#DriveAction #DriveAction 7
#Good things must be good

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