Blood Pressure (Khun Jo)
Allergy (Khun Raem)
Colon/ Intestine (Khun Tae)
Skin (Khun Kampon)
Bone (Khun Tuk)
Blood Pressure,General Health Pains (Khun Ket)
Menstruation,Pregnancy (Khun Orn)
Gall stones,Blood Pressure,General Health Pains,Liver,Cholesterol, High Fat,Gout (Khun Wuthichai)
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Grandma Samai has a heart disease just from leaving the hospital. Not very sleepy at night, want to sleep all day, very tired, no strength, weight loss Dull face, but indoors because walking is tired already. Grandma told me to eat just 100 ml a day. Passed 1 week. Deep sleep, very refreshing, have a strong cooking for the grandchildren. Drink and eat more food. Weight gain Grandmother said that her grandmother was white too. Importantly, now riding a motorcycle to the market is the same as before. Now, who asked how strong it looks? Would say Maqui Plus juice. Daughter bought to drink Delicious with eaten for 3 months. Yesterday I just rode the site, brought me to my friend. Grandma wants everyone to eat like Grandma.
Cr. Khun Jirapa Thongsuk
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