General Health Pains,Hair (Miss Nampeung)
Blood problems (Khun Jaranwit Jersey Promchiam)
Diabetes (Khun Ongart Yodkaew)
General Health Pains,Sleep (Mother Feuang)
Pneumonia (Miss Taptim)
Blood problems,Blood Pressure (Uncle Pin)
Blood Pressure,Menstruation,Sleep (Khun Natcha Visuttikosol)
Liver (Khun Nueng )
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Khun May has been ill since birth. The wall of the heart leaking, suffocating, keeping at R. Mae Klong, but not missing. Aunt Som took him to the hospital in Hua Hin. But the Hua Hin School said that it had to be forwarded to Chulalongkorn Hospital. Must find someone with a residence in Hua Hin to be able to send away Aunt Som asked for a receipt to go to Chulalongkorn Hospital for treatment. It did not improve, returned and had to take more medication throughout. Can't sleep at night because of suffocation until the body is very yellow. Therefore recommend to drink the first bottle of Maqui Plus. The symptoms of insomnia disappeared. Better to suffocate Walking is not tired. And drank Maqui Plus together with the medication given by the doctor. Until drinking Maqui Plus for 1 year. Now Khun May says that the doctors no longer give medicine The doctor said that I'm already healthy. If taking this age, take medicine for life Side effects would probably occur to Khun May for sure. It is a great merit that gives a child a good and bright life again.
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