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Blood Pressure (Khun Kampon)
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  Health Case:
 Immune System
Khun Or's daughter has a very low pressure. 70/40 The doctor said that it is very dangerous. Very low immunity. Easily infected And may become unconscious. The body is stressed. Due to concerns about cancer Because the breast lumps were detected. And small grains on the neck at many points. Afraid of having lymphoma again Thus causing stress, loss of appetite, insomnia and weight loss to 7 kilograms. Khun Or, drink Maqui Plus to drink in the morning, 50 ml in the evening, 50 ml in the evening and LifeSential each day before bedtime. But eat half a bottle The daughter feels that the body is much better. Eat rice, sleep well. So go to measure the pressure. Look from 70/40 up 113/81. Both my mother and I are happy and thank Maqui Plus for making the body recover faster.
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