Blood Pressure (Khun Thanawat (Tik))
Cracked ankle bone (Khun Mam (Mayura))
Diabetes (Mr. Thanakrit Thongyeam)
General Health Pains (Khun Watinee)
Sleep (Khun Khwan)
Diabetes,Liver,Hepatitis (Khun Panwad Patcha)
Diabetes (Khun Pairoht)
Heart,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Migraine,Gout (Khun Pitak Samnieng)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Blood problems
 Immune System  Kidney
SLE Infections in the bloodstream Sudden Pulmonary Failure, Maqui Plus LifeSential. Khun Ahmad Saar, 36 years old. SLE Entering the hospital from 18/12/2017. Leaving ICU on 31/1/2018. admit MICU for almost 2 months. Not aware of intubation. Have breathing problems, tired lungs, kidney infection, sudden failure, dialysis 16 times. Arteries throughout the body are broken Changed blood transfusions for 5 times. After the 5th blood transfusion, the doctor said that the lungs had a severe new infection. low blood pressure Must give stimulants Very little chance of survival. But the miracle that happened The body responds to treatment. Make her revive. The doctor gave back to recover at home. And get to drink Maqui Plus 100-150 ml / day per day and LifeSential 1 sachet before bedtime. Together with the doctor's treatment from where she sleeps on the bed. Can't help themselves Limb muscles atrophy Today you can walk now. And no one thinks she will have today. Thank you to Unilever for giving good things to me and my family.
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