Blood problems (Khun Oor)
Allergy,Sinus (Master Max)
Cancer (Khun Lek)
Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (Khun Ploynapas Srakham)
Lung (Khun Toom)
Diabetes (Police Lieutenant Colonel Chayapong)
Pregnancy (Khun Kukkik)
Cancer (Khun Chanporn)
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  Health Case:
 Diabetes  Gout
Direct experience, mother, 83 years old. When old age .. so he accumulated many diabetes, gout, bone pain and began to become kidneys in May 2016. Entering the hospital, Kaya is a play that is tired, sleepy, lacking delirium. Cannot eat anything. Called subsidence. But after returning to drink Maqui Plus seriously. The body recovered Like getting a new mother From the hand that was not held, it moved. The grip was easily picked up. Secretly happy. Thank you Biowide Maqui Plus, a high-class product from Unilever ..
Cr. Nittaya
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