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 Diabetes  Kidney
#IcareIshare. #The good news is coming everyday. # Case kidney stage 5. # Diabetes. # Pressure. # Fat.
Aunt Maew, Ang Thong Province Diabetes, high blood pressure, fat, kidney disease. 5. Doctors at Suphamit Hospital ordered a stroke. Prepare dialysis. Because of swelling, yellowing, coma.
30 Oct 2019 The doctor makes a stroke appointment to prepare for dialysis and to sleep and see symptoms at Suphamit Hospital for 1 night.
31 Oct 2019. Aunt calculated that dialysis fees each time per week Equal to the price of Maqui Plus. But dialysis requires dialysis for life. As for Maqui Plus, it is like the last card that has hope. Have a chance to recover from illness. So decided to buy Maqui Plus to drink 2 bottles. Start to drink Maqui Plus before going to bed 50ml. In the morning, can get up and ride a bike to eat. Strong Breathe more. be healthy Not as tired as before.
1 Nov 2019, drink Maqui Plus. Morning, afternoon, evening before going to bed 50 ml each time. Now eat delicious rice. Get more urine. And more often from yellow. The urine is now clear. Excretion from black, now taken normal. Refreshing body perky. Deep sleep, do not get up to go to the bathroom Fall asleep straight to the light.
5 Nov 2019 This morning, Aunt Maew went to make merit at the temple. Can go to clean the sanitation (Aunt said before drinking Maqui Plus the device is in the air for many months. Has improved now.
6 Nov 2019, buy 1 more crate from yellow face, swollen yellow face to become pinkish skin in the whole body. This time Aunt Maew said he would drink. Do not drink green, drink results Drink cured.
13 Nov 2019 Doctor appointment appears what the doctor said to do, bright face. Still not have to launder home
Another 6 months, measured together I'll tell you about it.
Credit Piyada Kongkaew (Pook)
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