Cancer (Khun Nuch)
Lung (Khun Jhan)
Allergy,General Health Pains (Miss Pa Pang )
Blood Pressure,Triglyceride (Uncle Jeab)
General Health Pains,Pregnancy,Skin,Sleep (Khun Pakkachana Tangsajjatham)
Cancer (Khun Eak)
Fatigue,General Health Pains,Menstruation (Khun Pannipa Aksorn)
Liver (Ms Wendy Soh)
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  Health Case:
 Diabetes  Kidney
Mae Mui people in Chiang Rai is diabetic, followed by kidney disease. Stage 5, the doctor dialysis before the meal. Mother to excretion. Pain in the ligaments Traumatic back pain But when it comes to maca plus 1 look oh refreshing. Body stronger From the doctor appointment dialysis has not gone. Mae Moi has another Maqui Plus. Oh, thank you. Maqui Plus. Thank you. Unilever, who produced good food for us to eat.
Cr. Miss Lokkhana Uthaivee
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