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  Health Case:
 Fatigue  Kidney
At the beginning of 2017, I began to have back pain. And pain grows. It's still calm. Think of it as a long drive. I started to feel tired, but my hands and feet are trying to go to work, but the symptoms are not good. Go to the doctor for pain relief after eating. It relieves pain. But there are other symptoms are the same is tired. More back pain. In August (8/8/2017), the health check. The doctor shocked me saying, "Your kidney is like 50 years old." I had kidney edema, I was shocked, but fortunately my girlfriend recommended eating mango plus morning 2 shots. The first two disciplines, the back pain disappear, I am very refreshing, continue eating until one month, I examined the body again on 7/9/2017, the results showed that my kidneys are normal, I am very happy now I eat. Maqui Plus Continuous Auto Chip Thank you. Thanks to my girlfriend for introducing me to good things.
Cr. Khun Suphon Harnchana
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