Sleep (Khun Sukanya)
Thyroid (Khun Rodjanee​ Leungcharoen)
Asthma,General Health Pains,Liver,Skin (Khun Pornnawan )
Allergy (Master Tonnam)
Allergy (Khun Poramet)
General Health Pains (Khun Kampon)
Allergy ( Khun Aranya)
Asthma (Master Miew)
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Khun Nuna's father has cirrhosis. Later, a kidney failure. Father slept at the hospital to see the symptoms. Later, the doctor sent to Maharaj Hospital. Father had chills, fever all the time, swollen belly. There was a sister of Khun Nuna.
She advised her father to drink Maqui Plus.
I want everyone to turn to drink Maqui Plus for our health. Better to treat when unable to cure.
Chills. Fever. Swollen stomach. Now healed.
Cr. Khun Nuna
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